Green Monday: the ethical alternative to Black Friday

Green Monday: the ethical alternative to Black Friday

Green Monday is typically the busiest date for pre-Christmas shoppers... But many retailers are looking to offer the second Monday of December a more ethical identity.

Green Monday is the date that eBay identified back in 2007 as one of the busiest retailer dates, due to Christmas shoppers seeking gifts. 

At Devon Air Ambulance, we have our own high street charity shops located in 19 communities around Devon, as well as our online shops – including our eBay store. Our business focus is on raising funds for the charity and therefore sales and offers are not typically our focus. 

Our emphasis is on helping to keep the garments and other donations generously gifted by our supporters out of textile waste to help raise lifesaving funds, while reducing the cost to the planet of their production. 

Like many other ethically-minded businesses, Devon Air Ambulance is keen to celebrate ‘Green Monday’ by giving it an ethical makeover.  

Ever-increasing consumption is bringing measurable consequences to the planet, with the fast-fashion industry being a significant contributor to environmental degradation.  

Our role in extending the life of a garment is a major contributor to the ethical shopping movement and our shoppers play an important part in that work, not only helping to keep good quality garments out of the waste cycle, but helping to keep a local charity healthy with each purchase. 

Our retail arm provides an essential source of income to the charity, but we also place a firm emphasis on conscious consumption and sustainability. Read more about the quality of the garments we sell, how we price them, and our role in the clothing cycle.  

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