Driven by James Martin

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Driven by James Martin

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There's more to chef James Martin than three-egg omelettes. For the first time, James talks frankly about life, love and learning to foxtrot for live TV. He reveals how a hunger for success and a thirst for speed has turned him from a humble Yorkshire lad into a British cooking sensation. Highly ambitious and relentlessly motivated, James Martin has worked extraordinarily hard to become one of Britain's most successful TV chefs. It hasn't all been a smooth ride and here James tells his remarkable story, looking back to his working-class childhood in Yorkshire, relating the highs and lows of a career in the kitchen and revealing some of the astonishing events that have come with fame and fortune. James enjoys the open road almost as much as the kitchen and his tales of family, food and fame are woven around the cars that have provided the pivotal moments in his life - from teenage fumblings in the back seat and buying his first Ferrari to hurtling around a track with James Bond actor, Daniel Craig, and taking part in the world's most prestigious vintage road race. Whether he's standing at the stove or sitting behind the steering wheel, this is a man who has never been afraid to put his foot down and Driven is the intimate, fast-paced and no-holds-barred story of his fascinating life.

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