No Mercy by Martina Cole Hardback

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No Mercy by Martina Cole Hardback

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No Mercy: The heart-stopping novel from the Queen of Crime by Martina Cole

Diana's son Angus is eager to take his place and start working for the family, but Diana needs to know he is trustworthy before she will allow him in.
Angus is natural in a world of crime, a typical villain - smart, cunning, and ruthless. He is given the responsibility of running their clubs in Marbella and always gets what he wants. However, his weakness is his own family - his wife Lorna and the three kids they share. As this next generation starts to integrate into the business, Angus must face a painful decision that will prove whether he really can show no mercy - even when it comes to those he loves the most.
You should read this book if…
  • You love suspenseful crime fiction
  • You are a fan of Martina Cole's work
  • You enjoy fast-paced and suspenseful novels that get your heart racing!

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