The Dogs Of Windcutter Down by David Kennard

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The Dogs Of Windcutter Down by David Kennard


"There is no good flock without a good shepherd and no good shepherd without good dogs." These age-old words of wisdom have always guided Devon sheep farmer David Kennard. But as he battles to save his farm from extinction, they resonate more loudly - and unexpectedly - than ever. The storm clouds are already gathering when Borough Farm suffers a succession of potentially disastrous setbacks. Suddenly the Kennard family's idyllic life is under threat. How much longer can they stay afloat financially? Will David be the last shepherd to tend to his flock in this corner of rural England? Or is there a way to achieve the seemingly impossible - make a living through farming sheep in the 21st century? As he fights for survival, David knows he will be able to rely - as always - on his faithful sheepdogs Greg, Swift, Gail, Fern and Ernie. But even he is surprised when the dogs prove to be Borough Farm's secret weapon...A compelling portrait of a way of life that is as enviable as it is challenging.

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